Compost Filters


Why are UpGood filters the best? Simple; we use a high quality porous substrate and the odor eliminating power of activated carbon

Regular charcoal filters are just densely packed strands of polyester fiber. This type of filter does not allow adequate airflow, and cannot trap or contain contaminants as sufficiently. Therefore, they do not last as long and only contain odors within your compost pail instead of actually filtering them!

► Extra Thick

At almost ½” thick, UpGood filters are up to 4x more substantial than other brands.

► Ultra Absorbent

The internal surface area of the carbon substrate is carved away during the activation process which in turn leads to more pores and an increased ability to trap and filter contaminants.

► When To Replace

Over time, your compost filter will absorb various pollutants and eventually become so “full” that it can no longer function properly. Depending upon how often you empty and maintain your compost pail, this may take up to 6 months. Please do not try to rinse the filter. Water will affect the performance, wash away carbon and diminish its ability to absorb.

► Long Lasting

If stored in airtight containers or baggies your new activated carbon compost filters will have an almost indefinite shelf life.

► Best In Class

These kitchen compost filters are designed to be the best replacements on the market. If you don’t agree, please contact us directly for additional support above and beyond Amazon’s standard policy.

When you’re ready for an upgrade, choose the correct size for your compost pail and pick some up today!

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