Pizza Blade


When you reach for a slice of pizza what’s the first thing you notice? The way it’s cut! So set your pizza creations apart with the Pizza Blade, a Premium Pizza Cutter from UpGood.

This convenient cutter features a sharp, oversized 4-inch blade that glides through every slice. And, of course, there’s a safety cover so you never risk cutting your hand or damaging the blade in your drawer.

Plus, it’s the only slicer that comes with a replacement blade! (includes replacement blade) Pizza cutters tend to dull over time and with a reliable backup you can now slice stress free for years to come.

Another bonus – it’s super easy to clean. Just pop open the case and place each piece into the top rack of the dishwasher. Putting it back together is a breeze as well.

Easy, compact, and fun to use – get your hands on an UpGood Pizza Blade today!