4-Piece Spatula Set with New Color Options


When you need a versatile array of great kitchen tools grab the Silicone Spatula Set from UpGood. Each set features 4 unique spatulas to tackle every culinary task.

If you’ve ever used a cheap spatula then you know that tops fall off, handles snap and grooves trap food particles. Why put yourself through the aggravation?

These spatulas are created with durable one piece construction and an internal stainless steel support that will exceed your expectations and look fantastic in your kitchen.

And the best part? Every utensil is made with professional grade silicone. There are no nooks or crannies for food to hide, the handle won’t melt when you accidentally leave it in the pan, and they’re safe on all types of cookware.

One use, and you’ll be hooked – get UpGood’s state of the art Silicone Spatulas today!

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Formal Gray, Totally Teal, Classic Black, True Red


4 Piece Set